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Privacy Policy


ihearingaids was created by a Ph.D. Audiologist who believes that there is a shortage of first class care for patients requiring hearing improvement.

With the current use of technology in our everyday lives, people are increasingly turning to the internet to research and purchase hearing instruments.  The benefit of this is a wealth of available information and potential for cost savings.  However, these patients are not getting what matters most: personalized care.

Our mission is to deliver to our patients the best value possible without sacrificing the professional caring service that is required to properly fit and maintain the long term communicative benefits of your hearing instrument(s).

We do this first by working with only reputable and qualified Audiologists in your local area.  We maintain a commitment to your desired outcome by not only passing down the cost value of the hearing instrument(s) to you but, more importantly, by closely monitoring the fitting and on-going service of your hearing instrument(s).   You are not only their patient; your outcome is our primary concern as well.

Your chosen local Audiologist and their employees are committed to your best communicative and hearing outcome, and are not compensated based on the type of hearing instrument(s) you purchase.

Everyone deserves to live their life to the fullest. We invite you to rediscover your hearing world.

Your journey begins here.

WHY ihearingaids?

Finding the correct hearing instrument(s) can be a challenging undertaking for many people. Personal considerations, diverse features, and questionable sales approaches have historically made selecting the best, most serviceable and beneficial hearing instrument(s) a frustrating, stressful, and potentially alarming undertaking.  

To become a successful and satisfied user of hearing instruments a person must embrace patience, persistence, and the desire to succeed.  The road to success is not just about cost.  It is about the value derived from the best tools available according to your personal budget and the willingness for both you and your Audiologist to work together not just at the beginning but throughout the useable life of your hearing instrument(s).  This is an investment (in money, time and personal perseverance) to improve the desired quality of your life.

You must find and experience the care and attention that only a knowledgeable, supportive, reliable, and most of all, caring qualified Audiologist can provide.  Successful hearing and communication is always a long term committed and collaborative team effort in progress, and is never the result of purchasing the “cheapest” instrument(s) or the latest gimmick.  

Our philosophy is simple: in order for hearing instrument(s) to fully benefit an individual, their purchase must be combined with informative, supportive and long term, qualified professional care.

ihearingaids understands this! Led by a PhD Audiologist with over 35 years of experience, it is our stated goal to take the guesswork out of finding the best care provider and help you choose, be fit and maintain the hearing instrument(s) which are appropriate for you. Our providers are not compensated based on the hearing instrument(s) you purchase. Our contract requires our providers to deliver the proper follow up care and assist you in maximizing your desired long term effectiveness, communicative improvements, comfort and attractiveness.  We also encourage you to keep an open line of communication with ihearingaids and update us on your progress.

We want you to focus on living the life you want to live. You can trust ihearingaids to guide and support you through your journey, every step of the way.