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Most often the first symptoms of hearing loss are the observations by friends or family members that the person being spoken to seems to respond more frequently than not to their questions or statements either incorrectly or not at all. These observations can also become the concerns of parents or teachers when speaking to children.

Think of it as throwing the spoken word (e.g. ball) and the person who is intended to catch it either drops it, or does not know it was even thrown.  It is this game of catch, with words not being caught, which often first brings hearing loss to our attention.


Such dropped catches are often accentuated by the familiar “What?” response from the person intended to catch this speech ball.  So much so, as time progresses that even the person catching the spoken word, may begin to concede that indeed they may have missed the throw.

People with hearling loss assertively claim that they “hear things well” but, in reality, do not understand what is said.  This admission can be a frustrating personal revelation leading the person, as often as not, to blame the thrower of the proverbial ball rather than concede to it being a problem of catching the ball.

There are numerous other symptoms of hearing loss, such as noises that seem to persistently radiate from your ears, disequilibrium, earaches, delayed language development, or questions of unintelligibility in the speech of children, as well as other more clinically oriented diagnostic symptoms.  There are so many underlying possibilities related to hearing loss symptoms that it is best to seek help from a hearing professional or your primary care provider for a proper diagnosis.

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